#6 Tom Ohmit

#6  Tom Ohmit

GM/ Driver


Hometown, Tehachapi, CA

Age, 34

Main Series,  NiS     PRN

Sponsors,  Andrew’s Machine Service, GTR Simulators, Shady Rays, ImpressMeMuch, iRace4Life


Bio: I am a 34 year old husband and father of two. I manage a CNC production and prototyping machine shop in Tehachapi, CA. My racing career began with RC cars when I was 8 or 9, winning my first race. I soon moved into go karts, racing in Bakersfield, Willow Springs and other tracks across Southern California and Nevada. As a young Bill Elliott and Mark Martin fan, I ran #9 on my kart early on until my first IKF race when I was victim of a multi kart crash and ended up stuck upside down on top of another kart. I took that as a sign and from there on turned my #9 into a #6 and my luck quickly transformed. I began sim racing with Papyrus’ original NASCAR Racing title released in 1995, began racing other real sim racers in NASCAR Racing 2, and joined iRacing in 2012.
Insane Motorsports is the team I call home as the GM and lead for the Cup program. I won the RFJ Spirit Cup Championship in 2016 and am striving to continue my championship ways.
Thanks to sponsors Andrew’s Machine Service, GTR Simulator, Shady Rays and Impress Me Much for their support. You’ll find links to each of these companies on my website at www.ohmitsimracing.com where I live stream each week.